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Welcome To Mic Doja Music
  MIC DOJA is a West Coast hip hop artist who brings life and energy to climax anytime he's performing on stage! From music production, to performing shows, Mic Doja brings a strong stage presence and a unique sound and style. From catchy hooks to raw lyricism Mic Doja music brings listeners to a new arena outside the traditional hip hop music box. So stay up on the latest of one of the most talented emerging West Coast hip hop lyricist, and recording artist, and check out the music and videos, browse some pics, and read about what's going on in the world of Doja.
Upcoming Shows:

March 21, 2014  - Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound Live Feat. Rappin' Tay & Mic Doja GTV2 Preparty/Concert, Anaheim,CA
April 4, 2014  - Nipsey Hustle ,Link D Feat. Fire & Mic Doja, Ventura, CA  
New Group Formation: In the fading days of lyrical hip hop groups in music today a new union of wordsmiths was formed by joining lyricists, Link D of hip hop group, Modern Day Poets, Fire of Faded Boys with Kush House Records and lyricist Mic Doja. More...

 New Upcoming Projects: With a couple mix tapes and an album to be released in a few months, time is worth more than gold right now. There's a lot of collaborations on the upcoming projects which will be a change from the past. More...


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